“It’s a new era for Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg. The dynamic violinist, who has served as music director and concertmaster of the New Century Chamber Orchestra since 2008, is moving on.

That’s not to say that she’s retiring. Rather, she’s embarking on a new phase, with a prestigious artist-in-residence post at Louisiana’s Loyola University.”
- Mercury News, (CA) May 2017

“There is what might almost be vulgarly called a glut of fine violinists now before the public. But among them all I don’t think there is another one that can contest with Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg the title of the work’s greatest living interpreter.”
- Seen and Heard International 2015

“One of the few classical artists who must be experienced in person”
-The Washington Post

“Like Cher, Prince, Madonna, Sting, Elvis, and other music superstars, she doesn’t even need a last name to sell tickets.”
- Oregon ArtsWatch

“She is one of the world’s most extraordinary violinists, and she is spectacular to watch. ... Every performance that Salerno-Sonnenberg gives seems to remind me that she is, perhaps, one of the few violinists today who can truly see and re-create the passion and intensity of the composer.”

“...a musical equivalent of a great actor, going far beyond what is on the page and performing with rich and deep understanding of subtext. Honest emotion emerges as she finds what seems to be the most dramatic potential in any music she plays.”
– Shepherd-Express (Milwaukee, WI)

- Journal Sentinel (WI)

“she created a world within a world that seemed almost a portrayal of some specific event in the composer’s emotional life. Magic.”
– The Philadelphia Inquirer